Well, let’s talk about shopping online and saving money – two things we all love! Love the idea of ​​shopping without pajamas and having to leave the brave crowd. Online shopping has become an easy way for us to buy things we like, but even better, there are some perfect apps out there that will help you get the most for your money. I want to share some of my favorite tips and tricks with you because saving in your twenties is hard, and here are some super easy ways to save while shopping online.


Let me introduce the honey app to everyone. I’m telling you now. This is a game-changer. The Honey app is a browser extension that automatically searches for valid discounts and applies to any discounts on items in your online shopping cart. I use Honey regularly because it can ensure that I get the best price when I buy it. There are many different discount codes online, and it is almost impossible to find them independently. By giving us access to all of these codes, Honey avoids buyer’s regrets.

One of the best things about honey is that it is straightforward to use. After installing the extension in your internet browser and checkout online, as long as you find the discount code, the icon will light up with a number. It’s easy. There’s even a Honey app on your phone that lets you scroll and see some of the most popular active discount codes from your favorite stores. With Honey, you can save a lot in the future!


Another money-saving extension I’ve used is Rakuten. Formerly known as E-bates, you may have heard of it. The Rakuten extension is handy because it can warn you when you can buy back money. When you receive a certain percentage of refunds while spending, shopping online becomes easy. I mean, who doesn’t like money back?

When you shop on a website where Rakuten offers refunds, you will receive a notification asking you to activate the refund. After you click the button and complete the purchase online, your refund will appear in your Rakuten account within a few days. Patience is key because even if the discount amount seems small, Rakuten will keep it for you and send you a check four times a year to check all the discounts you get each quarter. Very handy. It feels like free money.

Save label

I think Shoptagr is my personal online shopping researcher. If you are like me, you will spend a lot of time thinking about spending money. After all, we’ll work hard and want to make sure we shop wisely, right? By installing this program in your browser, you can keep all possible online purchases in one place and be notified when the price of an item drops. It is the ideal place to keep an eye on things when you “think.”

Shoptagr is also a great tool when you miss something you want but can’t arrive on time. You can add out of stock items to your watchlist and receive notifications as soon as they become available. You no longer have to check price drops and stock replenishment on the website – Shoptagr will arrange it for you!


Many websites buy and sell clothes, but my personal favorite is Poshmark.
The website and app is an online marketplace where you can buy new and used clothing at competitive prices. Buying clothes on Poshmark is a unique experience as you can negotiate prices. Whether you are buying new clothes with labels or clothes that you carefully put on, buying clothes with a low discount will never make people feel disgusted!

Just as I use Poshmark to buy clothes, I also use it to sell things in the closet that have not received proper attention. Selling secondhand clothes is a great way to make money in your 20s, and Poshmark makes this process really easy. It only takes a few minutes to upload photos and describe the products you want to sell. Once you do this, they will immediately offer people a quote. If you have something in your closet that only takes up space and is useless, check Poshmark and earn some extra cash.

Reward plan

Finally, the last tip is the least specific, but using your strengths can save you some money. Rewards program! Many online stores offer some free program that allows you to save at different times. Most of the time, you just need to register to get the discount code.

I always recommend that you use these programs regularly in stores. These plans are effective and you will get the most benefit from already loyal businesses. Do some research to find out if your favorite store offers a rewards program. This is an easy way to have fun and save money from time to time.

New! That’s a lot of information. Shopping and saving don’t seem to mix, but with these skills, they can. Online shopping is so convenient, and you can now save money. Happy shopping, happy saving.

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