You stick to your exercise plan, see the results, and are very proud of yourself – then, ba! Depression followed, making all those months of hard work chaotic. If you’re currently in a recession, a new exercise routine is a good way to get out of trouble (or avoid exercising in the first place).

As a runner who has been trying to get out of trouble for a long time, I recently decided to change. When I started a new routine, I found some useful things that I didn’t consider, but I definitely have!

Evaluate yourself authentically

You may be able to participate in a marathon in college, but a lot has changed since then. You’re already different from your 23, let alone go back to college.

Evaluate yourself based on your current body and lifestyle. If you sit at your desk for a long time, you may find that your stamina is not what it used to be initially. Plan for this, start slowly, and gradually increase the intensity.

Find an expert to show you the rope

Doing a light exercise or doing yoga at home can be a budget-friendly downturn, but it also means no one is pointing out what you did wrong.

If not done properly, even simple push-ups can tighten the wrong muscles and cause serious injury. Sign up for a trial training or introductory course at the gym and let qualified professionals show you proper posture and technique before trying it out at home.


When I tried a HIIT session for the first time, I was very excited (fast and efficient. I don’t even have to get out of the house – what don’t you want?). I jumped in, halfway through my first class, it was almost black. It wasn’t until later that I realized I’d tried advanced programs on the first day (duh!).

Criminal proceedings are not always the best. Knowing when to stop will give you more meaningful results in the long run. After a few weeks, your chances of quitting will decrease because you don’t like it anymore.

Eat well and drink well

Does anyone else want to eat some cake after exercise? I did it, and I think I deserve it. The next day I realized why I had to do different things.

Too much sugar and not enough protein will only lengthen your muscle soreness when you exercise a new part of your body. Protein can help you repair and rebuild muscle tissue if you are starting with high-intensity fat-burning exercises. You may also want to consider taking protein supplements (discuss otherwise with your expert).

Waiting for results

Like anything else, your body has to adjust to new habits. And it will take time for the pain to relieve and start showing results. Avoid increasing your workout time by an hour. Or schedule extra workout time on rest days to get faster results. Not only does this not speed up, but it can even cause injury, forcing you to stop exercising temporarily. You can read also 5 Easy Nighttime Weight-Loss Hacks.

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