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Sexual Desire

The word is inevitably related to breasts. However, this is a challenging topic. Why? First of all, I always tend to be relatively private when it comes to personal matters such as my sex life. Second, this is a topic that doctors rarely mention in breast cancer patients.

They may feel uncomfortable or not sure how to handle this sensitive and highly personal topic. It’s doubtful if this is part of their medical school curriculum (if that’s the case, I think it has little effect). Again, it’s the time factor that we all fall victim – inevitably, when we go to the doctor, every personal topic will show up at the end … if time permits. Most of the time for the home visit is spent on purely medical and practical matters, such as physical health and well-being.

It’s undeniable that the lack of breasts will deeply affect her sexual desire for most women.

I think this is all very complicated. Yes, breasts are sex organs related to real physiological responses. There are also psychological aspects of femininity and attractiveness. I am a late adult person, maybe one of the last girls of my age to wear a bra; even when I finally start wearing a bra, I really don’t need it. But from a very young age, I was aware of breasts and realized their impact on boys.

Boys ‘eyes remained on girls’ breasts, showing something instead of mine. And I still remember well when I tightened my first bra with the nonexistent cup, I stood a little higher and felt a little stronger, as if I finally ‘belonged.’ I make sure to wear the purest white top I have so that no matter men, women, young or old, my experience of stepping into the woman’s age is evident.

While writing this article, I realized:

I am planning to write an article about maintaining or restoring sex. This is not my expertise. After all, this is so personal. Then I thought further and prepared to write that the most important thing is to have a supportive partner to regain sexual desire and femininity. However, I am very sorry for all these reversals! I realized that when it comes to this fact, we are all one person. There aren’t always people around us to underline that we are still beautiful and sexy. Many of us might be single, maybe dating, maybe not.

I have no right to deal with interpersonal relationships or fulfill my sex life, but I can talk about my body’s relationship. After the mastectomy, I had to learn to love myself again.

I like it because it is still alive and can run.

I like it because it is healthy, it moves, and although my breasts have been taken away, it still expresses my identity. In a way, I’ve traded my breasts for my life. I know this may sound indiscreet and cliche, but it is true. I have to realize, yes, this is a sad breast loss. Yes, I will miss it, but it is a necessary measure to protect my health.

We really trust ourselves.

There cannot be someone by our side every hour of the day, such as when we glance at our scars in the shower, or when we are in the locker room and are aware of undressing in front of other women; when we are every night When we get undressed, or when the clothes we are trying to wear are suddenly too “close” or “naked” to change our bodies.

Therefore, I think there are two aspects to sex: sex in terms of learning to accept changes in the body, and sex in sharing the body with a loved one. I think the former must be realized first. Just like I think we can only love someone before we learn to love ourselves.


I’ve finally accepted that breasts aren’t the only thing that defines my sexual orientation. It sounds simple, believe me, it is not that simple, but today I am here to tell my story more than 30 years later. The beautiful scene of the mother taking care of the baby filled me with a deep longing. Suddenly, I was taken to a time when I couldn’t wear a bra because of my flat chest, and I felt inferior. You can also read The Fitness Industry Boom May Not be Making us Fitter.

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