I went for a run. Then they get boring. Until recently, I decided to try again. But this time, I decided to change it a bit. How do you get the most out of running? How do you make it more challenging and exciting?

It’s safe and lightweight. The Topanga Racerback vest that I wear is also very suitable for running, and I like the color. Is this jacket? Ultra-lightweight, with all the pockets you need for your phone, keys, etc. I love it when the sportswear pockets fit!

In addition to choosing fun fitness equipment, there are several ways I can get the most out of running:

Start with yoga stretches (and watch)

I learned some of my favorite stretches in yoga classes, so I decided to include these exercises in my running routine. First, I choose a location with a nice view (preferably beach!), And then I extend a number of them. I will take a deep breath like in yoga and really focus on exercise because stretching exercises for men feel good!

The alternation between jogging and playing

This may sound crazy, but the increasing motivation for running makes it more interesting. They sound daunting, but it feels good to get some things done as quickly as possible. I won’t be doing this all the time, but maybe I’ll pick a location that I’ll see and sprint there to change it up a bit.

Break ABS

During my run, I also started doing abdominal exercises instead of waiting for the end. After a few sprints, I have to catch my breath and do plank or sit-ups. This is a great opportunity for me to take a breath and exercise another part of my body.

Find specific stairs

They may seem daunting, but the stairs are perfect for practice! Start slow, jog next time you run. Over time, you can work on the stairs up to five to ten times. If your running is boring, this is a good mixing method, and you will definitely feel its legs the next day!

End with yoga stretches (and watch)

It is essential to spend some time after stretching, not only for your body but also for your mind! Enjoy those few minutes of relaxation. If you can, be kind to yourself!


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