Winter bundling is essential. But how cute does the fifty-story book look? Growing up in New York and experiencing the cold winter, I learned some layering skills without sacrificing style. The key is to start small and put on any vests or vests you wear. The extra layer makes you warmer than you think! After that, you will get some creativity. Here are the ideas for the three-piece clothing!

Option 1

Start with the classic T-shirt as a base layer. If you live in a mild climate, you will likely skip this layer. Then add a long-sleeve T-shirt. Striped clothes add a small size to the clothes. Most importantly, put on an oversized sweater to show off the stripes a bit. Add a textured winter coat on the last layer.

Option 2

Again, starting from the T-shirt to give you extra warmth. Add a long push button, then a classic crew neck sweater. I suggest you tie a pair of pants that are one size so that they come out of the neckline, sleeves, and bottom of the sweater. Use a checkered pattern or printed button press to add some size. Add the edges of the leather motorcycle jacket on the last layer. You can also wear regular winter clothes, but I like how the motorcycle jacket changes this.

Option 3

Try this option if you want to give up your coat or jacket together. Start with the top. Do whatever you want, whatever you want. Then add an unbuttoned chambray shirt. For the warmest layer, add an oversized cardigan that easily fits over two shirts. Use heavy colors or printed blankets to complete the look.

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