I like to be motivated, but I never thought about holding this feeling for more than a few days. Especially while exercising.

That’s why I don’t want to write an article on how to stay motivated. But I want to give you some advice on how to exercise even if you’re not motivated. In this article, I’ll show you a step-by-step process that has helped me maintain my training. You can also read Can Adrenal Fatigue Slow Weight Loss?

Step 1: Make a plan

The first step is to develop a specific plan for the exercise to be performed and when it should be performed. Sounds obvious, right? But many of us actually don’t do this because we are terrified that we won’t follow our plan. Which actually makes it more difficult to follow!

To make a plan, you need to decide who, what, when, where, and how. And it must be done in advance. Here are a few examples: “I’m going to the gym at 5:30 this afternoon to take a spinning class.” Or “I wake up at 6 in the morning, wash my face, put on some fitness equipment, and immediately hit the gym for 60 minutes of strength training.”

The plan is not vague (this is a sign that you have not really achieved your goal), but it can be flexible – as long as there is no room to negotiate, it is essential! Because planning healthy habits (like exercise) is prone to mistakes, and if you have a mindset that’s not like me, you have to consider many factors, so planning is one of the most important things I want to talk about in my online course “Dream Habits: Perfectionism 28-day habit training camp for the participants! But the key is to be clear and use authorization language.

Step 2: Follow your plan.

The second step is to follow your plan. This means that if you have to exercise, you don’t ask yourself if you “like” it. You do it

easy to say, hard to do! I’m not saying your brain won’t scream in protest and tell you it’s okay if you put off another day (our brain is designed to keep us safe and comfortable, that’s all we do). But this does not mean you have to listen. With practice, it has become easier and easier to ignore this sound. Once you develop a new habit, protest, and promise less!

The good news is, you already have this skill – you can go to work even if you don’t like it, and you can brush your teeth even if you don’t like it. You know what to do! You need to learn to deal with things that seem negotiable (but that actually have the biggest impact on your life, such as exercise). This brings me to step 3 …

Step 3: Repeat

You can exercise (or do something) if you don’t feel like building muscle, so repeat and repeat! And if you have an all-or-nothing mentality like mine, it’s essential to be nice to yourself when you’re in trouble! Sometimes you may not follow your plan, and that’s okay.

The most important thing about you as a human being is that you don’t make mistakes because you messed up to get back on track the next day (instead of giving up work altogether).

If you want more advice on how to exercise without motivation (and how to stop activating the all-or-nothing mentality), be sure to download my free guide!
I hope this blog serves you!

Do you have practice skills when you are not motivated? Let me know in the comments!

That’s all. More tips to maintain healthy habits can be found in my blog Smart Twenties.

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