Food Sources for a Healthy Lifestyle

Health, and Food sources for a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand. Health is the most precious gift bestowed upon mankind, and hence with it the responsibility to show gratitude. Therefore, a little knowledge about food sources rich with minerals and vitamins is important.

The perception of health and wellness varies among individuals and it influences eating habits. The underlying concepts of healthcare and personal wellness are deeply rooted in understanding what is health?

Food Source for Healthy Lifestyle

The concept of health is very challenging to describe. Many research studies described health as the absence of disease while other redefined health from a psychological stance. However, the physical aspect of healthcare is vastly related to our intake. A better intake is made out of nutrients and minerals rich food source. Here are some of the sources best for a healthy and nourishing lifestyle.


Nuts for nutrients

Develop a nutrient-rich diet plan that contains magnesium, vitamin-E, Iron, Calcium. Almond is a great source of food for people with higher cholesterol level.

Include Brazilian Nuts in your daily intake as they contain zinc, Vitamin-E, and Vitamin-B1. Brazilian nuts are a good source of antioxidants and support thyroid function due to selenium.

For people considered about fat, Oatmeal will be beneficial as it contains low fat. Oat cereals significantly reduce cardiovascular disease and reduce cholesterol levels.

Fruits and Vegetable for Vitamins and Nutrients

Apart from nuts and pulses, a variety of fruits and vegetables are a rich sources of nutrients. Apple is one of the fruit source that offers antioxidants to eliminate free radicals and hence keeps the body healthy.

Vegetables with green leafs significantly improve cardiovascular health by reducing associated risks. Spinach and other leafy vegetables are rich in minerals and contain low to no sources fat.

Blueberries are the best source to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Blueberries contain phytonutrients and benefit fundamental body functions.

Healthy Lifestyle

All of us need to change our lifestyle in order to live a healthy and happy life. Making changes in lifestyle has an influence on health. Most of us perceive food as just something that doesn’t benefit us. However, what we eat defines our physical and mental health which has a long-term effect on our wellness. Knowing what is right for yourself won’t only help yourself, but those who don’t have to repeat the same mistake twice like many of us. Opting for a natural food source is way better and healthy.


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