Green Tea Health Benefits – Consume 3-4 Cups Daily for Healthy Lifestyle

green tea health benefits

Green Tea is increasingly becoming popular due to its health benefits. The tea is widely available in China and Asia and comes from the extract of Camellia Sinensis. Similarly, the extracts are used to make black, green, and oolong tea followed by different processing methods. Green Tea Health benefits are tremendous and contain polyphenols. They contain healthy compounds such as flavanols, flavandiol. Flavanols are also known as Catechin. These compounds contain natural antioxidants and hence prevent cell damage. Green tea is known for its health benefit and many studies have found promising results. Therefore, a little insight into the green tea health benefits is required.

Green Tea

Where Does It Come From?

Green Tea is native to China and India. The extracts offer great health benefits and fight disease. Green tea extracts are widely used in the making of medicine. It has been largely used to treat various ailments. Green Tea extracts are helpful to treat digestion, improve heart health and brain function.

According to a research study, green tea consumption prevents cancer, but this area needs more study. Green tea health benefits include low heart attack risk and prevent type-2 diabetes. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and recommended by physicians. Healthy compounds also reduce cholesterol, specifically LDL or bad cholesterol.

Green Tea Benefits

Green tea consumption also reduces stroke. Adding a small amount of green tea to the diet improves health by reducing type-2 diabetes. Polyphenols in green tea contain epigallocatechin Gallate which improves health. Skin disorders such as psoriasis and dandruff can be treated. Green tea extracts potentially reduce skin disorders. Overproduction of cells and inflammation causes dryness and itchy skin. Green tea reduced skin cell growth and the gene for cell life cycle and hence treats skin disorder.

Green tea enhances brain activity. Consuming green tea can enhance cognitive brain function, specifically working memory. Research studies have shown green tea as a viable treatment for the neuropsychiatric disorder.

Is Green Tea All About Benefits?

Green Tea

Consuming green tea isn’t all about benefits. Some people have different medical conditions and they need to be careful while consuming green tea. Polyphenols are available in green tea, and Polyphenols can reduce the risk of cancer. However, Green Tea also comes with cons and you might have to take a little care. Similarly, there is a contradiction over the consumption of green tea among adults. Therefore, before you start consuming green tea, consult your doctor.

While you consume green tea, we recommended taking a sufficient dosage. Taking a higher dosage of green can cause irritability, tremors, and sleeping problems. If you have caffeine sensitivity, you may experience different problems. It also contains fluoride which prevents tooth decay, however, tannic acid can cause teeth colors to be affected. People who are taking stimulant or blood thinners, they should consume a sufficient amount of green tea.


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