Mental Health – The Secret to Resilience and Optimism

Mental Health

COVID 19 has disrupted world economies, and unfortunately, the financial downside isn’t the only consequence. The pandemic has adversely affected mental health. Metal health encompasses psychological, emotional, and social wellbeing. It affects our moods, behavior, and helps to handle stress. Metal health is a challenging issue and the only way to address these issues is through discussion. Humans can suffer from psychological health issues at any age, therefore, it is important to know underlying factors. People experience different feelings and change behavior when they suffer from psychological health. Loss of diet or excessive eating shows poor mental health. Another symptom is low energy and pulling away from people. Similarly, feeling tired and hopeless is one of the symptoms of poor mental health.

Mental Health


Since the beginning of COVID, circumstances have been changed for millions of people around the globe. There is no single factor that affects mental health. Being stress-free and living a psychologically healthy life is the key to success. The answer to mental health problems lies in having positive characteristics.

The secret in living a mentally healthy life lies in altering your behavior. Circumstances are always unknown and nobody knows what is coming afterward. We get lost in our own thoughts and begin to control what can’t be controlled thus stress unnecessarily. Strong mental health doesn’t mean a problem-free life, but the ability to bounce back quicker. The key to being resilient is to stay positive and keep going.


Keep yourself connected with others. Socializing is the best thing to do as it helps to uplift mood and gives a feeling of contentment. Developing a positive outlook is important and it helps to build relationships. Keep yourself physically engaged in activities. A little exercise is never bad for the mind and body. Human mind and body work in a coordinated manner, therefore, a little exercise is never bad and helps to uplift your mood. The courage to step-up is the most important thing in life.

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