Work-Life Balance – Reduce Stress and Gain Control of your Life

The balance between work and life is necessary for a productive personal and professional life. Building and maintaining a healthy routine helps our ability to cope up with stress and hence improves Work-Life Balance. By healthy routine, you might be thinking about having a diet plan and taking lots of nutrients and mineral-rich foods. Whereas, the real meaning of a healthy routine consists of numerous factors. The concept of Worklife Balance is old and the off days and holidays we enjoy are a part of it.

In order to achieve balance, we must understand our needs and how those needs help to find balance. Maslow proposed a hierarchy of needs to defined the most important constituents of our life. This hierarchy helps to improve our lifestyle and gives us the opportunity to find a balance. There are many ways to Achieve Work-Life Balance and we’re going to share a couple of them.

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Know When to Let Go of Perfection

Life is challenging and at a young age, and we all are excited and full of energy. This is the time when we work with perfection. As time grows, responsibilities change and so our habits. Therefore, it is important to know when to let go and what?

Disconnect for a While

With the advent of technology, smartphones and other devices have made the job easier. But, you have to connect your whole day even after work. According to Prof. Robert Brooks of Harvard Medical School, we should spend some time with ourselves and our families. It is better to put off the phone and enjoy the moment with your family. A constant flow of incoming notification causes stress. When you’re with your family, try to spend time only with them. This also helps to build resilience and resilient people are less prone to stress.

Get Moving

Exercise is the best way to be healthy and achieve Work-Life balance. Just like your work routine, building a routine to exercise is really helpful in many ways. According to Mayo Clinic, exercise reduces and releases endorphins, and also uplifts your mood. Work-Life balance is all about finding the right time to do the right thing. We all deserve a day off and to enjoy and spend time with our families and friends.

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