Cigarette and Covid-19 – The Harmful effects of Nicotine and Chemicals

All of us are aware of how Tobacco consumption affects health. A recent study conducted by researchers declared smokers more prone to respiratory disease. Whether you smoke an E-cigarette or paper cigarette, the risk of developing diseases is higher. Smoking poses serious health threats and adversely affects your body and hence causes heart-related disease. Cigarettes contain Nicotine, and the substance is addictive in nature.¬† A research study observed that cigarettes contain 7000 harmful chemicals which smokers consume as they smoke. Therefore, consuming cigarettes deteriorates health and lowers the body’s immune response.


Effects of Cigarettes

Cigarette contains highly dangerous compounds, such as Tar, Carbon Mono-Oxide, and oxidizing chemicals. Consuming tobacco affects both, circulatory and respiratory systems. Some of the respiratory disease effects are as follows.

  • It causes irritation in the pipe and voice box.
  • Smoking cigarette causes narrowing of airways and increases mucus in lung passage and hence causes swelling and reduces lung function.
  • Increases coughing and wheezing, it also causes lungs infection¬†Cigarette

According to the world health organization, Tobacco kills 8M people around the world. The death of 7M people is found to e associated with consuming cigarettes directly while the rest died as a result of indirect smoke. Also, a study convened by WHO in April found that smokers are at high risk of contracting COVID-19. Many media outlets reportedly published news about the health benefits of cigarette and the effectiveness against COVID-19. However, WHO has urged media outlets to act responsibly in such times. There is a lack of effective evidence to prove the effectiveness of cigarettes.

Researchers recommend using Gum and Patches to treat tobacco consumers. There are more effective ways to help quit smoking that delivered promising results. The harmful content of cigarettes causes the immune system to disrupt and make the body more prone to diseases. It makes the organs more susceptible to disease and other illnesses like pneumonia and influenza. Also, reduces the strength to fight disease and increases the lasting of diseases by lower the levels of antioxidants in the body.

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