Coffee – The History of Wine of Arabia and Its Benefits

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The history of coffee could be as old as this world. Nobody knows the exact origin of the world’s most preferred beverage. However, legends have their origin from the Ethiopian Peninsula where a goat herder observed the changing behavior of his goats. Later, coffea tested and its results surprised to keep the consumer active and energized. Its cultivation began in the Arabian Peninsula in the 15th century. Most of these beverage species are from the coast (East) of Africa and specifically Madagascar with the highest no of coffea species.

Black Coffee

Coffee History, Making Methods, and Benefits

Coffee Arabia is a widely grown species of coffea around the world and highly demanded with the term specialty coffea. Another type of coffea is Robusta which grown way below sea level and is inferior to Arabia Specialty and Commercial grade coffea. However, the yield of Coffea robusta is twice per tree than Arabia. The most important factor that gives coffee its taste, aroma, and flavor comes from the method we use to brew it.


Everybody’s favorite and the basic spinoff is Black Coffea. You can make the coffee by simply boiling the water and then add coffee. The most popular type of coffee is the one that includes milk, cream, and sugar. It is less sour and sweet in taste and preferred by the majority all over the world.

Cold-brew is another method to make this beverage. The method is simple and uses cold water instead of hot. Hot coffee needs hot water for extraction whereas, cold brew required different methods such as, slow steep or slow drip to brew coffee. Apart from the beverage making methods, it is also beneficial for health and contains antioxidants that keep the body healthy. Also, it improves brain function by increasing the neuron activity in the brain. Coffea compounds are also helpful for patients with type-2 diabetes.

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