The Queen’s Gambit – Tale of a Struggling Child Prodigy

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The latest series on Netflix doing rounds all over the internet, The Queen’s Gambit is Netflix’s miniseries.  The series features an American coming of age drama inspired by a novel written by Walter Travis. The Queen’s Gambit released in Oct 2020 and gained the status of the most-watched series and hence attained high viewership. The story revolves around a child prodigy who’s a taciturn and genius chess player named “Beth Harmon”. Anya Taylor Joy plays the lead role in the miniseries as a young chess player fueled with the desire to become the greatest chess player in the world while disguising her growing addiction to drugs.

The Queen's Gambit

The Role of Beth Harmon and Pawns

Beth Harmon is a fierce chess player who brought up in an orphanage when her mother dies in an accident. Later, the chess prodigy becomes the best in the game and takes lead in tournaments across the country. Beth Harmon is a character that struggles with her emotions and becomes addicted to drugs since her childhood. The orphanage uses a tranquilizer pill for girls that turns out addictive for beth. The Queen’s Gambit is an amazingly peculiar series that revolves around several characters in Beth’s life. The characters are mere pawns in the miniseries, and play quite a small role in the emotionally struggling and challenging life of Beth Harmon.


The Queen’s Gambit revolves around many characters including Ms. Alma and her Husband who later adopt Beth. A couple of girls from high school tease Beth for her bargain attire and shoes as she moves. Later, Beth plays with the team of her high school players simultaneously. Mr. Ginz is the chess club teacher who puts her with his whole team. Beth astonishes everyone and easily defeats the entire team. Mrs. Alma quickly realized the potential Beth has. The two struggle throughout their life to find a way out, and achieve balance in their own lives.

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