3 things that look romantic in movies but creepy in real life

Romantic movies scenes

We all have watched romantic movies, at least once in our life. And we witnessed all those charming scenes. Kisses, hugs, tears, cuddling and more physical touching.

Some romantic movies, or series has became classic and part of the movie’s culture.Like Titanic, Ghost,The way we were …

But what do they all have in common? 

Well all of these romantic movies are characterized with  such unbelievable and slightly unrealistic romantic scenes.

Here are some romantic scenes from movies that are creepy in real life:

1.Stalking (classic in romantic movies)

Exactly stalking! in many Romantic movies or series. Stalking is considered romantic. We look at one of the heroes following secretly his crush step by step, and getting informations about her. I don’t know about you but this looks more like a serial killer than it s romantic. And this misguides the society and they make us think that it is right to stalk someone because we’re interested in that person. Which is totally wrong. Romance is simple and clear you like someone, go and  ask that person out, simple romantic and effective.

2. Stopping a wedding

Take a moment and imagine yourself stopping a wedding in real life. Yet in romantic movies it is shown as the most romantic action you can take. But i think it’s unrealistic. Here is why: first when we get to the point of a wedding it means that the 2 parts are strongly sure of the choice they made. Which technically means that the third person that is interrupting the wedding will look awkward.

3.Outdoor sex

Most of romantic movies if not all of them have scenes of outdoor sex. Making love outside may be exciting but mostly inappropriate. Making love is something so sensational, and needs focus, feelings and mostly intimacy. So these things you can’t have them in a night club toilet, Garden or a bar. Yet you can live this special action of making love outdoor in a more romantic way. If it’s in a safe zone away from people’s observations. Like a personal garden. a private beach, a private swimming pool.



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