Natural ways to make your skin healthy

natural skin care

If you ask any woman in the world, what is her biggest concern? Most women will tell you skin health. Most Ladies in the world use different cosmetics products in order to keep their skin healthy and glowy. In this article i will talk about natural ways to get a glowing and more healthy skin.

1.Lemon for a healthy skin

Lemon is a very healthy and useful aliment. This latter is full of C vitamin which is an antioxidant that can nurture the skin. Moreover scrubbing a half lemon on your face daily will reduce skin damages, premature aging and make your skin way to clean and glowing.

2.Black gram (Urad daal)

Black gram can be very helpful for skin exfoliation,the nutrients in Urad daal can make the skin healthy, and soft. Black gram can Also help reducing dark spots and acne marks. You can also make a homemade facial mask by mixing black gram with almond oil and rose water. This facial mask is full of protein and minerals which will make your skin clean, healthy and soft.

3.Aloe Vera for a healthy skin

Aloe Vera is a very beneficial plant for the human body and especially the skin. Due to it’s antioxidants and vitamins Aloe Vera can make your skin healthy in a very smooth way. Applying Aloe Vera gel on your skin on a usual basis can clean up the tan and nurture your skin to make it healthier.


When it comes to cleaning skin, antioxidants are very important and crucial. Tomato has lycopene as an antioxidants which makes it a very effective aliment to use for a healthy skin. It is most suggested to use tomato 3 times a week for a clean and healthy skin. You can rub a small slice of tomato on your face and clean it with water for a great result.

5. Almond milk

Almond is an aliment that is full of good fats. Knowing that almond milk is loaded with flavonoids which is a very powerful antioxidant. Almond milk could help protecting the skin cells. Moreover Almond milk can decreases acne, it also have the ability to whiten the skin and makes it brighter.Also almond milk can decrease dryness of the skin, due to it’s good fats. So consuming almond Milk may help lot in making skin healthy and brighter.


These are nutriments that can help increasing your beauty naturally, and also help you take care of your skin, in a natural and effective way. We suggest you to check up with your doctor before using any of these methods, in order to have a safe process for making your skin healthy.

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