how to deal with stubborn husband

Stubborn partner

Marital relationships are based on friendship and understanding each other. But sometimes a woman may find it difficult to communicate with a closed stubborn husband who refuses to listen to her, especially when he is easily annoyed at the same time. Dealing with this type of husbands requires a lot of patience, and following the correct methods that suit his temperament and personality.

Actually the matter is not impossible, because love makes miracles happen, especially if she has determination and strong will. If you really love your husband and want to get close to him, you will be able to understand the causes of his stubbornness and anger.

Cause as we know there are many factors in life that makes people change over time. Your husband may be the same person you loved before, but with day to day life circumstances he got more stressful and his temper changed. Yet if you still believe in your couple you can lead him to find his inner peace and behaves better with you. You have the medicine that is able to improve him and restore his balance again. Moreover you can restart a positive communication pattern, with a goal that achieves the principles and values ​​of marriage. The wife can deal with her stubborn and irritable partner by following these methods:

Approach, understand, and accept the disagreement with him

The wife must accept the idea of ​​different ideas and viewpoints between her and her husband. She must be open for differences and openness to be inspired to do the right thing.

In addition stubbornness and anger from her side may cause a complicated situation and make things harder. Yet her diligence in understanding him, can help a lot in building a strong and wise communication in the couple. By being calm she can take the lead of the conversation and find the issue that makes her husband behave that way and fix it. By approaching her husband and touching his heart the woman can show interest and care for his feelings. This behavior will remove the barriers that separate them and separate their souls as a couple. therefor there will be harmony which is sufficient for resolving any disagreement and breaking the strongest barriers. with the need for both parts to make sacrifices and concessions for each other in some differences. The wife can kindly give up some decisions that are not of a big importance. This will give a big sign to the husband that you’re willing to make sacrifices along the way for the stability and security of the relationship. Moreover if you take the initiative to give him the opportunity to take a decision as a nice signal that makes him feel that it does not intend to clash with him and disturb him. Your husband will for sure starts paying back by taking sacrifices as well to keep the relationship stronger and healthier.

Focus on dialogue, equality and participation

The wife must replace the approach of nervousness and stubbornness with more positive and flexible principles. This will help her change her husband’s view and his way of analyzing and discussing matters. So by emphasizing the need for their participation, equality in rights and duties, and decision-making related to the fate of their family. Also creating happiness and harmony between them, in addition to constantly exchanging respect despite Different points of view. without forgetting about not blaming each other, but rather taking collective action in which both bear responsibility and results as one unit, so they join hands for the advancement and growth of their family.So working as real couple that complement each other, and explain to him the effect of these principles on the stability and health of the relationship. By getting your stubborn partner to understand this rules, you will be getting on the road of a healthy couple.

Positivity, patience and forgiveness

The stubborn and angry husband may be a sensitive person who feels pain or the need for respect and love.

Moreover he can be looking for feelings of tolerance and affection from his wife in particular. And that’s because she is his partner and his other half. So he wants her to be comfortable with him more than others. Yet he is unable to express and reveal his feelings, and he acts opposite to what he feels, or tries to hide his “weakness” for her With stubbornness and anger.

Therefor here comes tolerance, patience, positivity, kindness from the wife as a bandage for wounds. Also as a balm that heals the husband’s pain and relieves his suffering. which making him feel more comfortable, flexible and calm. This is reflected in his thinking and the way he expresses or looks at things, and makes him feel the need for his wife to be next to him. It also shed the lights on the necessity And the importance of her participation in his decision-making. He will also start seeing the development of her love within him, so that he withdraws from his stubbornness, relieves his emotions, and takes the initiative to make her happy and satisfy her. In return of her beauty and kindness to him.

Switch between firmness and flexibility approaches

The wife must understand well the meaning of firmness and take a stand in order to change the stubborn and nervous decision of the husband. To make him interact with her and share his creation with more love and flexibility. She must play with firmness and flexibility.

As he is completely far and inconsistent with the methods of blame and anger, or admonition, and direct collision, adherence to opinion or attempt to control and impose it On the husband, but it appears through her attempt to express her desires and needs and explain her idea to her partner in a gentle and flexible manner in which she respects his opinion, but affirms her friendly opposition to him, and confirms that he is not consistent with her logic and her own vision of things. In return she tries to clarify her desire in a simple and smooth way in order to convince him, and be Honest, gentle, and confident in her expression, while affirming that she should bear responsibility with him as well.



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