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Each girl and woman tries to look lovely and glowing each and every day of their life. However, alongside beauty, it is significant for us to keep the skin additionally healthy. We should follow some solid and nutritious way of lifestyle to keep ourselves healthy. On the off chance that we remain healthy, at that point normally skin stays fit and it will consequently glow.

Here are couple foods that you need to consume In order to make your skin healthy and shiny with radiant magnificence:


Green tea contains polyphenols which has the most intensity to battle early ageing. Moreover, it contains Vitamin E and C which limit the hyperpigmentation of your skin and makes it normally glow. Drinking green tea consistently will likewise assist with lessening redness and irritation which gives a filthy appearance to the skin.

Antioxidant that is in the green tea shields the skin from dirty particles. These latter are the cause for many skin problems, for example, wrinkle development and skin ageing.

By extracting toxins from the body, the green tea helps reducing pimples and keep skin clear and makes it glow and healthy.

2. CHOCOLATES (healthy skin with a taste)

Chocolate has the ability to nurture your skin from the inside. Due to Vitamin A, B1, C, D and E, and also Iron and Calcium. Chocolate can not only make your skin safer from the harmful UV, but also protect your skin from ageing.

Thanks to it’s many antioxidants, like flavonoids chocolate can make your skin brighter and enhance your beauty. Moreover chocolate makes the body produces phenethylamine which is called happiness hormone as well. This latter makes you relax and release the stress of your body. And we all know stress is not good at all for your skin health.

3. YOGURT for a clean skin

Yogurt is very important for the hydration of your skin. As it balance the PH level of acids in your body, Yogurt can make your skin looks bright and clean. Moreover yogurt cans clean your skin from dead cells and makes it look more alive. As it nourish your skin from the inside , with a very effective system, based on lactic acids. The yogurt can also clean your skin from acne formation. So by consuming it at a regular basis you can ensure to get a healthy skin that looks bright and clean.


A healthy skin needs some good saturated fats, along with antioxidants and vitamins. Well the fact that sweet potatoes are rich in fiber, makes this vegetable very useful for skin health. Sweet potatoes can reduce the degree of amino acids in your body and established to be balanced due to it’s vitamin B6 and antioxidants. In order to have a beautiful healthy skin you need to nurture its cells. Guess what! sweet potatoes are full of vitamin D which is a big source for new healthy skin cells. A reasonable consummation of sweet potatoes can enhance hemoglobin in the blood which helps a lot in skin damage repairing.

5. LEMON(vitamin C for a healthy skin)

lemon for healthy skin

Usually when we talk about lemon we link it to antioxidants. It’s known that lemon is full of vitamin C which is a good source for skin cleaning. Lemon can makes your skin toned and fights early ageing. Therefore by consuming lemon on a usual basis it can has a huge impact on your skin health. You can also try to rub a bit of lemon on your face at night, keep it for 20 mins and clean it up. It will help cleaning your skin and prevent acne and eczema formation. Moreover lemon can help you protect your skin from bacteria.


We all enjoy the taste of berries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, all type of berries have a great taste. In addition they are full of antioxidants which makes them very beneficial for your skin health. They can protect your skin against the UV of the sun. Moreover berries have Vitamin E and C in them. So they enhance the blood circulation and protect your skin from the inside. so eating berries regularly can help you make your skin healthier and brighter and they also taste good so why not enjoying a delicious fruit while protecting my skin

7. FISH for a balanced skin

Omega 3 is considered as the best fat for body and mind. Fish are rich source of fatty acids like omega 3 and many more. Fatty acids are good for making your skin looks younger. It keeps your skin thick and soft. And it can also balance the hydration of your skin in case it was very dry. Fish are also source of minerals  and vitamins which makes it a full option nutriment for the skin. Many doctors suggest to eat fish at least twice a week. I suggest you to have a reasonable amount of fish to nurture your skin and keep it healthy.

These foods are highly suggested for a healthy and bright skin. Having a healthy skin is a matter of healthy diet, based on natural bio foods and also good habits. Please make sure to contact your doctor to make sure that these foods are healthy for you.

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