kamala Harris: the first woman to be USA Vice President

kamala Harris

With the victory of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris becomes the first woman to hold the vice-presidency of the United States. Portrait of a determined former prosecutor, with a family history worthy of the best “American dream”

“My mother would often say to me, ‘Kamala, you might be the first to accomplish many things. Make sure you are not the last.’ A year ago, Kamala Harris firmly believed that she could become the first black female president of the United States. In front of her supporters, the 56-year-old senator spoke without restraint of her ambition, especially during the first debate of the Democratic primary at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami. A certain appetite for power that dates back to childhood. Despite many advantages, Kamala Harris’s candidacy failed to win over American Democrats. On December 3, 2019, short of money, the one nicknamed the “Obama Girl” preferred to throw in the towel. With another goal in mind: the vice presidency of the United States. Goal achieved.

With Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election over Donald Trump, she becomes the first female vice president of the United States, and the first black person to hold the post. “In this election, it’s about a lot more than Joe Biden or myself. It is about the soul of America and our determination to fight for it. We have a lot of work ahead of us. Let’s get to work, ”she tweeted on November 7, 2020, election day.

“An America in line with our ideals”

Kamala Harris’s first admirer is none other than Barack Obama. The former president had also reacted to the news of his appointment on Instagram: “By choosing Senator Kamala Harris to become the next American vice-president, he (Joe Biden, Editor’s note) has highlighted his judgmental capacities and its character (…), can we read in the caption of the post. And now Joe has found the perfect partner to help him measure up to the very real challenges America faces right now, and will face in the years to come. ”

Not resentful

The appointment of Kamala Harris is not entirely a surprise. Before this official announcement, she was also a favorite of political betting sites, far ahead of Elizabeth Warren, Susan Rice or Karen Bass. It must be said that notes scribbled on a Joe Biden notebook, captured without his knowledge on July 28, 2019, praised the qualities of the senator: “Not resentful”, “Campaigned with me and Jill”, “Talented”, ” A great help for the campaign ”,“ Great respect for her ”.

However, nothing was decided in advance. On June 27, 2019, during the first debate of the Democratic primary, the Californian senator did not hesitate to put forward her personal story to point out to the former vice-president Joe Biden to have been hurt by her “courteous” exchanges with segregationist senators, held in the past. Since then, Kamala Harris seems to have turned the page.

A Daughter of immigrant parents

She grew up in progressive 1960s Oakland, California. Proud of the civil rights struggle of her immigrant parents, the Democrat has always claimed her origins: a Jamaican father professor of economics and an Indian mother who is now deceased , researcher specializing in breast cancer. As an anti-racist movement shakes the United States, the politician has not been spared from racism and segregation. In June 2019, she delivered a still painful childhood memory: when she took, as a child, one of the buses responsible for bringing black schoolchildren to white neighborhoods. Determined to make a difference, Kamala Harris braved all obstacles to achieve her dreams

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